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Hello my name is John Easter. This blog was created for me by my friend Chris Crawford. He felt it would be a good idea for me to start putting my personal writings and research up on a blog for people to see instead of on a forum for only a few friends. They consist mostly of mythology and religion. It started out as a hobby for fun but slowly developed into a more serious interest.

Although my interests include religions and mythologies in general I have a particularly strong interest in the Zoroastrian religion and its relationship with the Indo-European mythologies, which includes the Greek, Norse, Celtic, Hindu and other mythologies.

Most of my stuff is about ancient Zoroastrianism and its relationships and similarities with other religions and mythologies. Including non-Indo-European ones such as Judaism and the Chinese and Japanese mythologies. Over time I will be going over and posting some of what I have wrote for this blog. I may eventually post some new things too.